Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Seven Five - One Six Eight

Over the past week here's what my life looked like..

1.  Father's Day spent at the shore with my daddy!

2.  Vacation Bible School started at my church and I got to watch the youth teach kids about Jesus.  Here's a favorite moment of the first night.

3.  Class day - I decided to buy a new water.  It was black and I was not a fan.

4.  Another night of VBS and Landon had kids crawling all over him.  I adore this child and he is turning into such a wonderful young man.  He's definitely the closest thing I have to a little brother so I love him to the max.  I can't wait to see what his future holds.  Oh, and he's going to be one amazing daddy, can't you tell?

Also, I catered an event today with this handsome man.  
Reunited with Justin Torrence, nothing can be better than that.
Model status right there.

5.  Another day spent in class.  But I heard this song as I drove to the lovely ACC and can't get it out of my head.  I think the lyrics are so true about Jesus and falling in love with faith.

6.  FRIDAY!  Well most of the day was spent doing homework and such, along with running errands which, is literally one of my favorite things to do - ever.  To end my day of fun I went to the park to hang out with Coleman for a bit.  And I bet you're like, "Wait who is Coleman?"  Well, I forgot to get a picture!  Whoops!  But he's presh - take my word for it.  :)

Also, as summer continues I get a little more obsessed with fishing.  I soooo want to take a boat out on the water and spend the day just fishing away.  I actually spent time watching two men fish on television today in between classes.  Now, THAT is dedication.  

Here's to the dream of my own boat. 

7.  Another day of catering!  The charming man that I playfully call my husband was there of course.  Who better to cater a wedding with than this fella?  It was a good time for sure and the venue (which was the groom's house) was breathtakingly beautiful.  I mean, it was phenomenal.  Oh weddings, they are all so wonderful, right?  SUCH a hopeless romantic - sappy to the core.

Aren't we cute?

8.  Church time!  I realized this week that most of my friends at home are either under the age of 18 aka the youth group or over 40 aka their parents.  What a life, right?  And I love it so much!  Anyway I got to see all of my favorites today at church.  I especially love these two ladies - Kathy Hines and Liz Hill.  At this point, I don't know what I'd do without them in my life.  I wouldn't trade my over 40 friends for the world.  

It's from the fall but it's a favorite picture of mine :).

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