Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Nine Zero

Here I go again talking about the family.  So, my grandma, who I know I've posted about tons, and I went on a mini road trip today.  Really we just drove way out in the country and she took me to the farm, which I wish could be my future home.  My ultimate dream is to have the most beautiful white plantation house out in the country.  Today, I saw a glimpse of that dream.  It was wonderful.

After our trip we did a little shopping and I got this beauty for a "happy graduation" gift.  I am too spoiled sometimes!

After all of that excitement I got to spend my evening at the lovely Blue Ribbon Diner which I haven't been to in close to a month if not longer.  I missed it a little bit.  Obviously we weren't busy at all - we had enough time to be silly.

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