Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Six Zero

These days are flying by!  I think the countdown has made me much more aware of time and the fact that it passes so quickly.  

I feel like I was studying just yesterday for the final exams I had.  But today I got all my grades back - passed with flying colors, not like I doubted myself but I was a little worried about one paper I turned in.  That whole procrastination skill I have scares me sometimes.  

I call my mom Lil' Nana.  I know this is weird but I had jaw surgery two years ago and I couldn't pronounce her name, which is Anna, so I started calling her Nana.  She's so tiny that I added the "little" last Christmas.  She loves it.  And she is MY FAVORITE.  I love that woman more than anything on earth.  She is beautiful, strong, independent, compassionate, and the best mom I could ever ask for.  She is my very best friend and I wouldn't trade anything for our relationship.  Anyway, today she and I had to cater an event together.  Even working, we have the most fun!  I really hope when I have a daughter that I'll be as great to her as she has been to me.  

She's also the worst at talking when someone takes a picture, but I love it.

Day six with my beautiful mom.

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