Monday, December 12, 2011

Three Six Three

I've been a resident assistant at Elon for two years now.  I absolutely love my job and the people that I get to meet because of it.  Today, I got to spend hours with two great friends that I can thank reslife for.  Ali, the one in the first picture was my resident and suite mate my first year as an RA and she made my life so much easier.  If nothing else, I'm so glad that I took the job and all the difficulties it brings just because I got to meet that precious girl.  She is absolutely wonderful and she continually allows me to be exactly who I am, as strange as that may be sometimes.  The other photo is of Emily and I.  She is my resident this year (we call her lil' nugs because she's so mini - she loves it).  She too, is amazing and I'm excited that I get to spend another semester living with her.  I feel like the three of us are a pack now, we do things all the time and even have our own nicknames which all involve the word nugs, ha!
We're always so absurd and just silly.

Ali is leaving for home (Colorado) tomorrow and she'll be abroad in the spring so today was our last hurrah for a while.  I might cry right now thinking about it.

Emily is leaving for home tomorrow too but she'll be back in the spring so today was our last hurrah just for a little while.

Today, day three, I have two pictures, for two beautiful ladies.

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  1. All the love in the world...♥ You are the best RA ever and we are bff forever :) (little nugs too)