Friday, January 13, 2012

Three Three One

So, you know how much I love the south right?  It's a lot.  With my adoration for my region and the ideals it holds comes my love for all things southern, especially anything to do with the beach, summer, country music, and fishing.  No, I don't actually fish that much but there's something about taking a boat on the lake or ocean and wearing a Columbia PFG shirt that makes my heart melt.  With the purchase of Evelyn came the purchase of my car decals which are something I love as much as my car.  My first sticker was a sailfish decal with the Guy Harvey signature.  I don't think I can really explain how much I love Guy Harvey.  If you don't see me in a PFG top I'm sure I'm sporting a Guy Harvey tee everyday during my southern summers.  

"caught up in a southern summer, barefoot blue-jean night" - Jake Owen

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