Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Zero Four

Wednesdays are SO LONG in my world.  They start at either 5:30 or 7 (depending on the week) and end around 10 that night.  Now, in college world waking up before 10 a.m. is a sin so my Wednesday mornings are not pretty.  Anyway, today I was pretty excited from the moment I woke up.  Today is the UNC vs. Duke basketball game.  The biggest game of the season.  I was raised a Carolina fan and love to go to any of the basketball games!  Tonight, because of my on campus responsibilities I'm having to watch the game at home, still great, though! 

I guess watching at home you get to yell and scream anything your heart desires and no one will stare at you like you're bothering them.  :).

Too bad we lost.  I have to give it to Duke - they made one crazy comeback and the final shot was unreal.  

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